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Animals washing for kids


Animals washing for kids is a kids' game designed to bring tons of fun and entertainment, to teach children of kindergarten age to care about pets – and to engage young smart-phone users, so that their family can enjoy a few minutes of rest. In this game, the baby can clean, soap, wash, blow-dry, spray, brush and doll up five amazing pets! Features:
- A colorful family game with splendid animation quality;- Five beautiful animals: dog, cat, monkey, horse, and sheep. More pets coming soon.- 25 stylish accessories: glasses, caps, necklaces, and more;- Lots of touching and dragging to develop the baby's fine motor skills.- Nice and subtle background music.
How To Play?
A long queue of animals are waiting for their turn to get clean and tidy: a pom pom dog, a black cat, a punk monkey, a pony horse, and a graceful sheep. At first, the animals are a sorry sight of a mess, with no shadow of a smile. The dog and the pony horse have leaves and branches in the fur, on the tail and mane; the monkey is covered with banana skins and palm leaves; the cat has feather pens and wisps of thread; the beautiful white coat of the lamb is messed with thorny and sticky thistles.
Once the baby's fingers touch a pet, the action moves to the barbershop room where the animal is seated on a high table for the barber's convenience. On the left, there is a smaller table, but the trashcan basket you'll need is on the right. Time to bring the pet in order!
Draw all the messy things to the basket, then soap up the pet with might and main. After that, take the hand shower and wash away all the foam. Now the animal is dripping with water! Quickly grab the hairdryer! Upon drying the water, you'll see the fur get really fluffy, so apply the hair spray and brush it down carefully with the comb. That will finally put the pet in a merry frame of mind – it will smile, glowing with joy, and bark (or meow, or neigh, or baa) cheerfully.
When the cleaning is done, it's time to get all dolled up! Add a couple of accessories to make the pet absolutely beautiful. At your disposal are: five glasses; a tie, a white collar and two dog collars, a bow; five necklaces; two hats and a baseball cap, a wreath, a diadem; five bags and purses. With such a stock, the toddler can create a few dozens of stylish looks!
Animal washing for kids brings fun, entertainment and joy for the whole family, turning the smart-phone into a perfect toy for a baby or a child of kindergarten age. If the mother, the father or at least the sister is involved, the game can be used for the baby's education – you can teach the young child the names of the pets. If your toddler is afraid of water or doesn't want to maintain neatness, the game can provide a good model to follow.
While the baby is having fun cleaning the animals from mud and banana skins, parents – or the grandpa, grandma, sister or brother – can have a bit of dreamed-of rest.